Client Type - Client Category

eVetPractice gives you the ability to create client types or put your clients into categories by using Client Classification. 

If you utilize Client Classification in eVetPractice, you can create custom categories or client types otherwise called classifications. Examples of client classifications are referral, rescue, location A, location B, etc. These classifications can be setup by following the steps below.

From your Gear Icon, select Client Classification

Then you may select Add Client Classification

Here you will be prompted to enter a Code and Name. The code and name can be anything of your choosing.

In some cases, you may need to relocate a Client Classification to a different Client Classification. If so, select Relocate Client Classification. Then select which classification(s) you would like to relocate and the classification you would like it(them) to be in. You also have the ability to delete a source after relocating it by checking off "Delete source after relocation".

Adding Client Classification to a client

Once you have added client classifications, you can assign a classification to a client by navigating to their client profile and selecting the Client Classification from the Classification drop down box located in the General Information section.

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