Generating Estimates

Many practices like to offer an estimate to clients for approval prior to preforming services. With eVetPractice, practices have the ability to generate an estimate electronically to your clients. Practices also have the ability to have clients electronically sign estimates from any touch enabled device. To distribute estimates, practices have the option to print and/or email estimates to clients as well.

eVetPractice gives you the ability to change the wording of your estimates to "Treatment Plan" or any other verbiage you may prefer. To change the wording of estimate, you must have a business owner or business manager employee role. Click on the Gear Icon > General > System Defaults > Default Wording for Estimates >Save. 



To generate an estimate, first go into the patient's medical record and click on "Generate Estimate" (or whichever name you chose when you changed the verbiage from estimate.)

After clicking on "Generate Estimate", you will be taken to the estimate creation page. 

  1. You have the option to change the expiration date from what is defaulted for each individual estimate. If you're using the client portal, they will no longer be able to see the estimate after this date, but the clinic will always have access to the estimate regardless of expiration date.
  2. You can also provide a "Reason for Estimate" to describe what this estimate is being provided for
  3. You have a few ways to add items and services. 
    • The "Add Item" section
    • Or in each packages, procedures, inventory or labs section 

Once you have added your items, you can adjust the "minimum" and "maximum" quantities to create a low and high end of the estimate. To edit the Item Details, click on the hyperlink of the service or item to expand the item details.

Once you click Save, you will see any price and quantity changes made to the item.

*Items can also be "Declined" on estimates. The declined items will still "convert to treatment".

After adding and editing the items on your estimate, you will have the ability to print, sign & save, sign & print, email and sign & email. With a touch enabled device or with the mouse on a computer the client can electronically sign the document. 

After approval and signing, the estimate can be "converted to treatment." Converting to treatment brings your estimate items (including declined) to a Treatment Page in the medical record. Once taken to the treatment page you can edit the item details and Rx Details by clicking on the hyperlink of the items.

Estimates can be saved and "converted to treatment" at a later date. To view converted or non-converted estimates after creation, click on "Generate Estimate" in the Patient Quick Links box and select from the drop down. Viewing estimates are also available in the Client Record and Patient Medical Record. 

Viewing from the Client Record 

Viewing from the Patient Medical Record, under the General Information Tab

Estimates can be converted to treatment from all three of these views. Click on the blue/green arrows from the client record or medical record view and the estimate can simply be converted to a treatment page.  



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