Google Chrome - Clearing out Windows Downloads Folder

If you are using Google Chrome, the Windows Downloads folder will need to be periodically cleaned out.  If the Downloads folder becomes full it can prevent a PDF from being saved to it.  Follow the steps below to clear out your old downloads.

  1. Click anywhere in Chrome so you have the page active.
  2. Press Ctrl+J on your keyboard. This will bring your downloads list up in a new tab.
  3. At the top of your downloads list, in the blue area, click the three dot icon and select "Open Downloads Folder".  This will bring up your downloads folder in a Windows window.
  4. In the Downloads folder window, click anywhere in the white space of the window, then press Ctrl+A to highlight everything in that window. You should see all things highlighted.
  5. Now press the "Delete" key on your keyboard. If it asks if you want to move everything to the Recycle Bin, click OK or Yes or whatever the affirmative answer is.
  6. It is recommended to clear out all of the files in the Windows Downloads folder. If there are files you would like to keep, you can keep them there. The main files to remove are *.pdf files generated from such as Document.pdf, PaymentHistory.pdf, CheckInSheet.pdf, etc.
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