Relocating Records

Occasionally you may need to relocate records from one patient to another patient.  This is possible if the patient is owned by the same client.  If results need to be relocated to a patient that is owned by another client, then the items must be removed from the medical record and added to the correct patient.

NOTE:  For billable items, (inventory, procedures, labs, and packages) any invoice items and payment history items associated to the items moved will also show belonging to the new patient, once the items have been relocated using the steps below.  The user will also need to have the Medical Record right "Allow employee to move medical record entries from one patient to another within the same client" enabled under Employee Rights.

To relocate records from one patient to another owned by the same client you can use the "Relocate Records" icon located on the patient's medical record.


  1. Select a date range under Filters if necessary.
  2. Select the "Destination Patient".  Note:  You will only see patients owned by the same client.
  3. Select the treatment items that you would like to move to the destination patient.
  4. Click the "Move Records" button.


You will see a "Confirm Move" confirmation.  Click "Yes" if you would like to continue with moving the selected records.  Click "No" if you would like to Cancel the Move.


Once the treatment items have been moved you will see a "Move Complete" confirmation.


After clicking "Ok" you will be redirected to the destination patient's medical record. 

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