Gravity Setup and Instructions

In order to use Gravity Payment Systems, you will need to create an account with them first. You can learn more about Gravity Payments by visiting Once your account has been created, Gravity will reach out to our Support team with the Source Name, Source Key and PIN. Gravity will then coordinate a time with your practice, as well as eVetPractice, to setup the installation. Once the call is in place with all three parties, proceed to the steps below.

Note: Before enabling Gravity integration, it is recommended to disable 'Auto Fill' in your browser settings so that the browser does not try to auto-fill information when trying to swipe the credit card info.  Please refer to your browser help to learn how to disable this feature.

Currently the recommended terminal used with Gravity integration is the Vega3000. 

In eVetPractice, if you go to practice settings, then Payments, there is a checkbox below called “Use Gravity Payments”.  If you check that option, a new section will appear below where you can enter the PIN and Source Key.

  • Enter the PIN and Source Key and save.
  • You will need to connect the terminal to your WiFi.
  • Add the new terminal in eVetPractice (this can be done by you or eVetPractice support). When entering a new terminal, it will ask for a name and the serial number.
  • Once the terminal is added, a pairing code will be provided. You will need to enter this code into the terminal once it is powered up and on the network.
  • Once paired, the terminal will likely go through a couple of firmware updates.
  • Once the terminal is back online (welcome page), it's ready to test a payment.
  • Enter a $1 payment on a test client that can later be voided.
  • In eVetPractice, on checkout page, enter amount, select terminal, desired payment type, and make sure skip credit card processing is 'No'.
  • Click Process Payment at the bottom when you are ready to send amount to terminal.
  • The terminal will display the amount and then you can swipe/insert the card.
  • Once the transaction is approved, the transaction will be processed in eVetPractice.


Additional information:
1. Gravity does have an app that can be used to receive payments outside of eVetPractice and the integrated terminals (you would need to contact Gravity for more info).
2. Gravity does have a web portal where you can enter payments, enter refunds and check the transactions (you would need to contact Gravity for more info).
3. The Castle devices accept swipe/chip credit and swipe/chip debit (processed as a credit card).
4. The devices can be taken anywhere and as long as they are on a wireless network, they can be used with eVetPractice when taking a payment.

  1.  The terminals don't support hidden networks (networks/SSID has to be broadcast and can't be hidden) so they currently cannot connect via Bluetooth.

For more information on taking credit card payments using our payment processing solutions please see this article - Processing Credit Cards Using an Integrated Solution






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