IDEXX VetConnect Plus - Searching for Results

The system allows you to search for lab results in IDEXX's VetConnect system by using either a date range, requisition id, or accession id.

This can be done by going to the home menu option, then labs.


From the lab dashboard, you will see an option to search for results.  This search will be performed on IDEXX's system.  The system will automatically import the returned results if 10 or less are returned from the search.  If more than 10 results are returned, you will be prompted on whether to continue or not.

The system will compare the results with existing orders and/or patients and attempt to locate them in the proper records.  If no match can be found, the result will go unassigned and can be manually moved from the dashboard.

Note:  In some cases would may see the lab results on Vetconnect but they are not showing in the medical record.  If you enter the date of the lab order based on when it was submitted from Evetpractice in the Order From Date and then enter either the Requisition ID or the Accession ID it should find the results and upload them to the medical record.


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