IDEXX In House Integration - Setup

Setup IDEXX Interlink Software

** Please contact eVetPractice support to assist with installing IDEXX Interlink and eVetPractice FileWatcher onto a Windows PC 

**Windows XP, Vista, and 7 are not supported due to Microsoft no longer providing support for those versions, and the install requires Windows 8.1 or higher. Windows 8.1 is on limited support with Microsoft, so it is preferred to use a Windows 10 PC.

Enable and Setup IDEXX In House Integration

Once IDEXX's Interlink software is installed and configured for VetLab connection, please click on the Gear Icon at the top right of your eVetPractice screen.  

Next, scroll down to Integration Settings and click the box to enable "IDEXX In House Labs Integration".  Make sure to click the Save button before continuing.


After enabling the integration, you will need to go into Lab Management and add/edit your in house lab charges.  You will need to flag them as an "IDEXX In House Lab item".  Make sure to click Save once you are finished.


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