IDEXX VetConnect Plus - Submitting Lab Order

To submit an IDEXX VetConnect Plus lab order, you must first add the lab as a treatment on the medical record.  To do so, navigate to the medical record and click "Treatment" to add a treatment.


You can add the IDEXX reference lab code by searching by its name or code in the "Add Item" section or by clicking on Labs and searching directly in the Labs section.


Once you choose which test you would like to order, click on "Lab Order".  You can add multiple tests and have them submitted in the same order.  Once an order is submitted, a new order will be created for any newly added items.


From here, you can enter more details and submit the order.  

  1. The date of birth for the patient.
  2. The type of client account. IDEXX provides discounts for doctors and/or staff members.
  3. Any notes you would like to keep along with the order.  The notes are not submitted with the order to IDEXX.
  4. Shows the list of tests to be ordered.
  5. Save Order will just save the changes.  Submit Order will transmit the order to IDEXX.  Cancel Order will flag order as canceled.  The test codes will still stay on the record and will need to be removed.


Once submitted, you will be taken to another screen that shows IDEXX's confirmation page.  This confirmation page will gather any more details about the order and allow you to complete the ordering process.  This step is required and can not be skipped.

Note: If you receive error '‘Lab service is not orderable" after submitting, contact Idexx Support and have them reset your test code list making all test codes active.  Once this has been done, you can submit the order through eVetPractice.


Once you click on "Order", you will be redirected back to our lab order page where you can see the details and eventually view the results.  From here, you need to print the requisition form to include along with the specimen.  You can do that by clicking on the printer icon.  

If you need to modify the order, you can do so by clicking on the "Modify Order" button.


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