Your practice can now set up a Kiosk that will allow clients to check in for their appointment in the clinic and verify their information, saving you valuable time. 

Note:  If the appointment has the "Is complete" enabled, it will not display in the Kiosk.

To get started, you will need to create a new employee with the "Kiosk Role".
Then go to Settings > Client Site and select the Visit status that will be used for the check-in process. 


This login will be used on the Pet Portal, and when used, the system will go into a Kiosk mode.  

The Kiosk mode is a limited feature mode that only allows the client to check-in.

When the client uses the Kiosk, they will select their appointment from the list, verify their information, then click check-in.

Select appointment

Verify Information and Check-in

Client will get a Check In Successful message


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    W3 - Cedar Plaza Vet Clinic - Birpal Buttar PhD, D.V.M.

    Just started using Kisok for check-ins.
    Our goal over time is to go paperless. Would be nice if clients can add more info at check-in.
    A few of suggestions at this time:
    - Add and change pet information just like client info.
    - Add new phone numbers
    - Add second person to the file
    - Option to add a Banner on top CHECK-IN HERE