How to test print a page via Google Cloud Print outside of eVetPractice

Disclaimer:  This test will only work when printing from Google Chrome and Google Chrome is logged into the same Google Account that is set up for Google Cloud Print


Virtually any web page can be printed out to a Google Cloud Printer (GCP) via the CTRL + P (keyboard combination valid for windows computers only) or Settings button -> Print.


For the purpose of this article we'll be using this page:


1. Once this page is opened up within Chrome, please use the CTRL + P (windows keyboard shortcut) or Settings button -> Print to pull up the Print preview page within Chrome similar to this example:


2.  After pulling up the printer preview page (as displayed above), click on the "Change..." button underneath the Destination field on the left hand side.  Doing so will pull up a Printer selection page/Destination selection box similar to this:



3.  Listed at the bottom of the bottom of the page under the Google Cloud Print section of the window are the printers that are set up with Google Cloud Print.  Select one of the printers listed underneath the Google Cloud Print section of the printer selection/destination selection window.  Doing so will take you back to the Print preview page where you will then see the selected printer listed as the Destination and you can select the "Print" button above the printer/destination.


4. Clicking the "Print" button will then print out the document and allow the printed document to show as a GCP printer job (( as seen in this example:2017-05-08_18_45_52-Google_Cloud_Print.png

5. If the document printed out then that means that the printer set up under Google Cloud Print is working correctly and should work correctly when printing from eVetPractice.  If the page did not print out correctly then that indicates a printer/set up issue between the specific printer selected and Google Cloud Print.




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