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Framework not installed error after browser is updated

Issue: Framework not installed error comes up after installing Chrome 84 or higher, Firefox 78 or higher, or Edge 84 (Chromium)

Possible Cause: The security certificate for the Dymo webservice does not support TLS 1.2 or higher.  This may not impact every computer at your practice.

Resolution: Varies by browser.

Chrome - Enter chrome:///flags into the address bar and set the option "Enforce deprecation of legacy TLS versions" to Disabled

Edge - Enter edge:///flags into the address bar and set the option "Enforce deprecation of legacy TLS versions" to Disabled

Firefox - Enter about:config into the address bar and set the option "security.tls.version.min" to 0

Windows users experience slowness when printing a label to a DYMO® LabelWriter

REPORTED 4/23/2018


UPDATED 4/27/2018:  

A new version of DLS is available that resolves this issue. This will need to be installed on any client machine experiencing the slow printing issue. You can download it here:


It is recommended that a reboot of the PC be done to make sure that the Dymo WebService application is started.

Also, if you are using Google Cloud Print, you may have to remove the DYMO printer and add it back to your Google Cloud Printers.


Mac users when printing labels from Chrome receive a framework/plugin error message.  

REPORTED 12/12/2017


Workaround:  Either do the fix mentioned in the article listed above or use an alternate browser such as Safari.


Chrome 58 and DYMO® printing errors

REPORTED: 5/4/2017

DYMO uses a service called the DYMo Web Service to print labels from websites, such as eVetPractice. Chrome introduced some new security features in version 58 that causes calls to the DYMO Web Service to be flagged as insecure, and any page that calls it, such as eVetPractice, will also be incorrectly flagged as insecure. This is a false positive, and DYMO is working on a fix to prevent the issue from the new Chrome changes.

UPDATED 9/19/2017: DYMO has a new version of their software that can be downloaded here that helps with this issue:
DYMO Label™ latest version link

If you are unable to install the latest version of DYMO software, there is a workaround that will allow Chrome to print to the DYMO Web Service again.  On the affected computer, open this article in Chrome.  Then click the following link:


This will open a new tab in Chrome. The page will say "Your connection is not private". Again, this is a false positive. It is secure.  


On that page, click "Advanced", you will see the following:


Click "Proceed to localhost (unsafe)".  Again, the site is safe.  You should now see the following message:



Chrome is now no longer blocking the call to the DYMO Web Service,  and you will be able to print your labels from eVetPractice.

However, once it begins working, Chrome will show that eVetPractice is "not secure" in the top left corner. Again, it's a false positive. It is secure. The DYMO developers are working on a fix that will prevent websites that call their DYMO Web Service from being flagged as "not secure" by Chrome.




You will need to perform the above process on each computer using Chrome where you are experiencing the issue.  You should only need to do it once per computer, unless you log into Windows on that computer as a different Windows user or clear your browser cache on the computer, in which case, you may need to do it again.


Error Message similar to: "[0] Paper '30258 Diskette' is not supported by 'DYMO LabelWriter 450' " "[0] Paper '30258 Diskette' is not supported by 'DYMO LabelWriter 450' ": Bad Request

The solution to this message is to uninstall the Dymo printer from the computer that is receiving this error message and reinstall it.  If you are not comfortable with the steps below find someone who is or contact your local IT professional.

You can uninstall the printer on Windows 7 or 8 by going to the Control Panel, then Devices and Printers, right-clicking on the printer and selecting Remove Device.

On Windows 10 you can go to Settings, Devices, Printers and Scanners.  Once there click on the entry for the Dymo printer and there will be a remove option.

If the printer is plugged into the computer producing the error then turning it off, waiting about 5-10 seconds, and turning it back on should cause the computer to add the printer again.  If the printer is a network printer it will need to be re-added by using the Add option in the same area where the printer was removed.

If this doesn't resolve the issue Dymo's Support Team would need to be engaged.  The issue is caused by the Dymo software being unable to determine what labels are loaded into the printer. 

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