Next In Line - scheduling and client communication platform

What if there was a way to have your staff and patients spend less time on the phone for routine appointments and capturing client information? Going a step further, what if you could keep your schedule full with minimal effort and automate the client registration process?

Everyone is busier than ever today, which means they don't always have time to spend on the phone playing the ‘when are appointments available’ game. Those back and forth conversations take up valuable time and resources, both for your practice and pet parents.

Next In Line removes this back and forth, keeps your front desk open 24/7, reduces the amount of manual data entry for staff, and enables pet owners to book appointments online.

Through a two-way integration with eVetPractice, Next In Line is able to know when your staff is available for appointments to display those openings online. After a client books an appointment, the appointment goes directly onto your hospitals’ calendar in eVetPractice. If the client has not seen your clinic before, Next In Line will automatically create the client and patient records, populating all the relevant information provided online. Everything is 100% configured to each practice to ensure clients book the right time slots and you are not ever double booked.

Additionally, Next In Line provides text and email appointment reminders, which are custom per appointment type. Clients can confirm their appointment via these messages, which updates the appointment status in eVetPractice. Finally, Next In Line allows staff to text clients directly to provide updates or post appointment follow up.

To learn more about Next In Line’s features and its integration with eVetPractice, visit: or request a demo via


Watch Now

  1. Log in as a Business Owner or Business Manager
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Then scroll down to Integration Settings
  4. Check the box to “Enable Next In Line Integration”
  5. Click Save at the bottom

Watch Now

  1. Go To Next In Line menu option at the top
  2. Click “Register with Next In Line”


This will automatically create your account in Next In Line’s system and link it with eVetPractice.

From here, Next In Line will contact you to set up your online booking widget and messaging platform.

For additional information, please visit Next In Line at

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